Decoding Relationships: 15 Couples’ Sleeping Positions

At Ruby Mattress, we believe that the way we sleep reveals more than just a peaceful night’s rest – it can provide insight into our relationships. When two people share a mattress, their subconscious takes over, and their preferred sleep position can say a lot about their emotional connection. In this article, we will explore 15 common couples’ sleeping positions and unveil the deeper meanings behind them. We’ve even surveyed over 1,000 people to reveal which positions are most preferred by couples. Get ready for some intimate insights.

1. Spooning: The Lovers’ Embrace

  • Big Spoon: When you’re the big spoon, you’re the protector, enveloping your partner with warmth and care.
  • Little Spoon: As the little spoon, you seek comfort and security in your partner’s embrace. You may also appreciate some extra TLC.

2. Chasing Spoon: The Playful Pursuit

  • Meaning: In this position, one partner is the “chaser,” seeking proximity, while the other prefers some distance. It can signify playfulness or a need for attention.

3. Loose Spoon: The Cozy Cohesion

  • Meaning: Over time, couples may transition to a looser spooning position, indicating a high level of trust and comfort, even without constant touch.

4. Back to Back: Independence with Connection

  • Meaning: Couples sleeping with their spines touching show a balance between closeness and independence. Touching at the bottom suggests sexual connection and comfort even when facing away.

5. Front to Front: Face-to-Face Intimacy

  • Meaning: This position signifies like-mindedness and a warm atmosphere in the relationship. Both partners face each other, emphasizing intimacy.

6. Sweetheart Cradle: Nurturing and Romantic

  • Meaning: This position reveals a high level of trust and teamwork. Partners cradle each other, showcasing protection and romance.

7. Head on Other’s Shoulder: The Protector’s Rest

  • Meaning: A partner resting their head on the other’s shoulder allows one to play the “protector” role. This position signifies understanding and confidence in the relationship.

8. Leg Hug: Connected and Intertwined

  • Meaning: A leg or foot touching your partner indicates a desire for a strong emotional or sexual connection. It symbolizes intertwining lives.

9. Intertwined: Fully Embraced

  • Meaning: Fully intertwining with your partner signifies intense closeness and young love. It can suggest dependency between partners.

10. Unraveling Tangle: A Balance of Intimacy and Independence

  • Meaning: Partners who begin intertwined but later unravel seek a balance between intimacy and independence.

11. Both on Stomach: Anxious and Fearful

  • Meaning: This position might indicate anxiety or a lack of sexual trust in the relationship. It could be time for a conversation about your relationship.

12. Space Hog: Dominance and Selfishness

  • Meaning: The “starfish” partner dominating the bed might be perceived as selfish or dominant. It could be a sign that the power dynamic in the relationship needs discussion.

13. No Contact, Back to Back: Independent Souls

  • Meaning: Sleeping apart, yet back-to-back, signifies a strong level of independence. It’s a sign of self-sufficiency and security in the relationship.

14. No Contact, Front to Front: Needing More

  • Meaning: Facing each other without touching may indicate unfulfilled needs in the relationship. It’s an opportunity to address those gaps constructively.

15. Pet Barrier: Furry Bedfellows

  • Meaning: Sharing a bed with your pet can signify a need for space or avoidance in the relationship. It’s worth considering communication with your partner or providing a separate bed for your beloved pet.


At Ruby Mattress, we understand that your sleep position with your partner offers a unique window into your relationship. While these positions provide fascinating insights, remember that each relationship is unique. What truly matters is the love, trust, and open communication you share with your partner. Whether you’re the big spoon or the space hog, cherish the strong emotional connection that binds you.

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